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Premiere: Disturbia


It was a Thursday night in Downtown Los Angeles and  it was my turn to be voyeur. With the upcoming release of the DISTURBIA on DVD (read our DVD review HERE), and the opening day of the X Games, it seemed surprisingly fitting to have a party to celebrate both. Even though I’m not really sure the connection made but hey, it’s a party, so who cares? So there we were at The Standard Hotel waiting on the Red Carpet for the celebrities to arrive. Although Mr. Shia LaBeouf was absent from the event (off shooting INDIANA JONES 4), there was still plenty of fun to be had.

Not surprisingly, the first to arrive was the incredibly talented director, D.J. Caruso, with his children along for the ride. I really can’t say enough about how talented this dude is and how nice it was to see him again. He is just a decent human being and is absent any pretension at all. He’s also an awesome dad. It’s great to see DISTURBIA become the success it did, he really deserves it. Congrats as always buddy and good luck with the new films… yep, he’s back with Shia and Steven Spielberg as producer with EAGLE EYE. And of course, it seems he will be directing Y: THE LAST MAN. Check him out below and see him talk about his excitement with the box office those first few weekends with DISTURBIA.


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A couple of the cast members of DISTURBIA who aren’t named Shia also showed up and not surprisingly, they also seemed pretty damn stoked about the success of the movie. Both Carrie Anne-Moss and Sarah Roemer took the time to chat with JoBlo.com about working with D.J. and Shia, and the success that came with it. Carrie was not surprised at all and this lovely woman should know all about success. Her work in THE MATRIX trilogy and MEMENTO have certainly made for a pretty nifty career. And as you can see below, both of the ladies were very lovely.


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Also basking in the glow of the party was the extremely beautiful Natassia Malthe who can soon be seen in the new film from After Dark called SKINWALKERS. You can also catch her in BLOODRAYNE 2 and the upcoming film including SEX AND DEATH 101 alongside Winona Ryder. She is really a stunning lady and it was a pleasure to chat with her especially since she seems to be taking on a bunch of genre pics. There is something really cool about ladies who love horror.  Here, she talks about working with Uwe Boll and the film that may change the way people think about him, POSTAL, and of course the projects mentioned above.


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And finally, speaking of horror… or possibly DUMPLINGS, as in THREE EXTREMES style Dumplings, I got a chance to talk to the always enigmatic Bai Ling. This has to be one of the busiest actresses ever. You will be able to see her in a few flicks coming to a theatre near you, including THE GENE GENERATION, A BEAUTIFUL LIFE, 62 PICKUP and RAZOR. She is working on so many films across continents that I’m not sure how she finds time to do anything else. Oh yeah… she also wrote a book called “Nipples” that may reveal all you ever wanted to know about her… well, you know. So check her out below and maybe you can learn more about Bai Ling’s nipples.


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All in all, there were some fun folks to talk to including some of the kick ass dudes who risk life and limb in competition at the X Games.  It was a pleasant night of chatting it up even if we didn’t make it up to the roof where the actual party was going on. So for those of you who haven’t, make sure you check out DISTURBIA on DVD today and enjoy.

Let me know what you think. Send questions and comments to jimmyo@joblo.com.

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