Premiere: Drag Me to Hell!

It can be fascinating to be surrounded by the lights, the line of posters from whatever flick you are talking about and of course, the pretty people at a movie premiere. But sometimes, when the movie has you excited and ready to talk, it can really be a fun experience to be had. And when that movie happens to be the first horror flick directed by Sam Raimi in years, you have to find the joy of being in the mouth of madness that is a movie premiere. Especially when the movie is called DRAG ME TO HELL.

I was pumped to talk to the man, the myth, the Raimi but while we waited, a handful of other actors and actresses crossed our path. This included actors from DRAG ME TO HELL, Lorna Raver, Dileep Rao, Reggie Lee and the great David Paymer. We also got to chat with the lovely Lorielle New and one of my favorite dudes on the planet, Derek Mears. You know, the current Jason Voorhees. Other than that, we spoke with a couple of actors from STAR TREK and a few other people that I am having trouble remembering since it is way past my bedtime at the moment. But most of the folks were all ready and willing to talk about their own fires burning and projects getting ready to be seen, but of course, the love for Raimi was in full force. And thanks to Rusty, you can check out some of the insanity that went on during DRAG ME TO HELL’s big night!

Once the talent had come and gone, Rusty and I quickly made our way into the theatre to catch the movie (which is rare to get to cover the film and still have the chance to go check it out). But once we were inside, we found a place to sort of lean up against something because all the seats were gone. So it wasn‘t all that comfortable, but it was nice to finally see what Mr. Raimi has been up to. While I missed the first part, I have to say that I was utterly impressed with Sam’s return to the genre. You can check in later for a full review, but honestly, if you are a fan of the EVIL DEAD films, you are going to truly enjoy this. It is an absolute rollercoaster of a movie that is smart enough to deliver the fun but without sacrificing the cast. If you are worried about the PG-13 rating, you don’t need to be. The film delivers on many levels and it really didn’t feel watered down. So while the red carpet was a little hectic and sort of crazy, I am glad to see this film given the royal studio treatment. And seriously, welcome back to the crazy world of horror, Sam. We missed you.

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