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Prepare to be mesmerized by these new Tron: Legacy stills


If you are going to Comic-Con this year, consider yourself lucky. You'll get to see new footage from TRON: LEGACY.

Also consider yourself jumped if you live in Texas. I will pull a Mila Kunis in EXTRACT on your ass for those tickets. (Her powers of seduction are much stronger.)

That said, Empire has decided to roll out some exclusive images from TRON: LEGACY that will also be included in the upcoming issue of their magazine. Let me tell you that they are beautiful. Gazing upon them, I also try to imagine in my head what the Daft Punk score will sound like during some of these chase scenes. Swoon.

Check out the new stills below as well as the two new covers for the magazine.

Extra Tidbit: You might also find it cool that director Joseph Kosinski showed his rough cut of the film to David Fincher, who gave him notes on it.
Source: Empire/Film



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