Presto director Doug Sweetland taking over Sony Pictures Animation's The Familiars

Though it's likely you're not aware who Doug Sweetland is, there's a pretty good chance you've seen some of his work. He was the guy behind last year's Oscar-nominated Pixar short PRESTO, and he's spent the last 16 years at Pixar as an animator, supervising animator, and storyboard artist for stuff like TOY STORY, TOY STORY 2, MONSTERS, INC., FINDING NEMO, and THE INCREDIBLES. An impressive track record, no doubt.

And now, it seems that Sweetland will be shifting his talents over to Sony Pictures Animation as the man will be taking the directorial reins of THE FAMILIARS, an adaptation of the children's fantasy book by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson (the two of which will also be writing the film's screenplay).

Per THR's Heat Vision: "The story centers on three young wizard apprentices who, after being whisked away by an evil queen, must rely on their animal companions, or familiars -- an alley cat, a blue jay and a tree frog -- to escape."

Sweetland has also won Annie Awards for his contributions to MONSTERS INC., FINDING NEMO, and TOY STORY 2.

Though I think a lot of us approach non-Pixar fare with a slight bit of trepidation, it's good to know that quality talent is being spread out around town. This should bode well for THE FAMILIARS and Sony.
Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite non-Pixar animated feature from the past decade?



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