Pride and Predator?

I've often thought about the different scenarios that one could put a Predator in and make a movie out of it and I have to admit that I've never thought of a Jane Austen romance novel. That, however, is exactly what someone is proposing. Filming is expected to begin later this year on PRIDE AND PREDATOR a costumed period piece that pits foppish Brits against our dreadlocked Predator. Says the logline: "When an alien crash lands and begins to butcher the mannered protags they suddenly have more than marriage and inheritance to worry about." I can't imagine that the film will a) actually be able to license the Predator character from Fox and b) be able to keep "Predator" in the title. As if the movie couldn't get more bizarre, it's being produced by Elton John. Will Clark will make his feature directorial debut based on a script he co-wrote with Andrew Kemble and John Pape. Now it's certainly got one hell of a hook and the title is golden but can that make a good movie? I love PREDATOR and hate to think of him veering so far off into camp but it's not like the ALIENS VS. PREDATOR movies haven't already tarnished that legacy. What do you think about PRIDE AND PREDATOR?

Extra Tidbit: Will the Predator be in period costume as well?
Source: Variety



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