Pride and Prejudice and Zombies finds another new director

What, like it's hard to mix Jane Austen with zombies? You directors are all a bunch of pansies.

Just kidding, this sort of sounds impossible to pull off, and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES has already gone through two different directors that I know of, and has finally landed a new one willing to take up the challenge.

That man would be Craig Gillespie, the guy doing the FRIGHT NIGHT remake where Colin Farrell is a vampire. He also has MR. WOODCOCK and LARS AND THE REAL GIRL to his name, along with a host of episodes of The United States of Tara.

The studio seem to be onboard with the new choice:

"We are so excited to have Craig Gillespie on board this film," said Alli Shearmur, Lionsgate president of Motion Picture Production. "His sensibility spans from genre-bending horror to elegant character-driven comedy, which is perfect for this movie."

Yes, the elegant character driven comedy of MR. WOODCOCK. Errr, maybe he was talking about that other one.

This doesn't have a cast yet, but it does finally have a director, for now. What are your thoughts?

Extra Tidbit: I'm on zombie and vampire overload. Can someone please invent a new monster so we don't have to keep recycling?
Source: Deadline



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