Pride & Glory poster

Edward Norton and Colin Farrell are teaming up in the how-did-I-miss-this cop drama PRIDE AND GLORY, two things I know nothing about. The film was written and directed by Gavin O’Connor, who had Smokin’ Joe Carnahan’s help in the penning department. The film is about a family of NYC cops torn apart by a corruption scandal, and here is what O’Connor had to say about the project: "My father was a New York City detective, and I grew up in that world. It's a celebration of honest cops, which was everything my father was about. Though it is fictional, it is an homage to my father." Wow, growing up in the world of New York City detectives sure is a far cry from growing up in the world of Thornhill computer programmers. Check out the poster BELOW.

Extra Tidbit: Nick Nolte was originally cast in the role of the father, but due to severe knee problems, he had to let Jon Voight deal with it.
Source: impawards.com



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