Priest adds three

Three new actors have been added to Paul Bettany's PRIEST graphic novel adaptation. They include LOTR and DEADWOOD's Brad Dourif, Dr. Parnassus himself, Christopher Plummer and TV actress Madchen Amick, who’s been in everything from "Californication" to “Twin Peaks.”

These new additions round out an already impressive cast, which besides Bettany as the titular priest in search of his niece (not daughter because well, you know), also features TRUE BLOOD’s Stephen Moyer, TWILIGHT’s Cam Gigandet, STAR TREK’s Karl Urban and MI:3’s Maggie Q.

Amick is set to play the niece’s mother, and you may remember that Gigandet is a half-vampire sheriff allied with Bettany, while Maggie Q is a priestess. That’s a nice little raiding party right there. Moyer, Douriff and Plummer’s roles are still forthcoming, but I bet that a few of them will end up aligned with Karl Urban’s evil vampire clan.

Extra Tidbit: Is Stephen Moyer already permanently typecast as a vampire? I mean, look at the guy, I can’t exactly see him wooing Jennifer Garner in a rom-com.
Source: MTV



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