Priest gets Director

So when they annouced that there is an adaptation of the legendary graphic novel "Priest"--something of which I know nothing about--coming up, I was not impressed. And after announcing the film's director recently, I must say, I'm still not impressed. But I am aware of its huge following, so for all those of you out there who have been licking your chops the second you found out about this film--this is for you.

Scott Charles Stewart, a former ILM employee and first time director will be directing your precious little baby. The film is set in a world destroyed by centuries of war between man and vampire and follows a warrior priest who turns against the church to track down a murderous band of vampires who have kidnapped his niece. WATCHMEN it ain't, but I guess it'll do.

NOTE: I wrote this entire article thinking that the film in question was actually PREACHER and not PRIEST. Boy are my cheeks red.
Extra Tidbit: Who should play the title character, PRIEST fans?
Source: THR



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