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Priest gets Moyer


Moyer on TRUE LOOD

Stephen Moyer is currently the envy of all us guys for being "intimate" with Anna Paquin on TRUE BLOOD as righteous vampire Bill Compton. And he previously played another vampire on the BBC's Ultraviolet series. Ironic that he joins PRIEST as a human...

The actor signed on to Screen Gems' adaptation of the Korean comic to play Paul Bettany's brother, while 90210 gal Lily Collins also joins as...who cares about her when there's already Maggie Q in there! Okay, Collins plays the niece. Still, who cares?

The film follows Bettany as a butt-kicking cleric racing to save his niece form a pack of bloodsuckers led by Karl Urban. AND gets to look at Maggie Q. Mark your calendars for an August 2010 release, 'cause this looks increasingly awesome.

Extra Tidbit: That mofo also dates Anna Paquin! As if he didn't get enough of her naked on the show! It's official - I hate him.
Source: Variety



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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