Primeval TV spots

Coming Soon.net has premiered a couple of new TV spots for PRIMEVAL, a horror movie that recently underwent an abrupt release date change from April 13th to January 12th - just over a week from now. You may have noticed a recent onslaught of tv advertising for the movie and these two spots will probably soon jump into a heavy rotation since it's likely the only way the movie will see any kind of marketing or publicity on such short notice. While it's notable that Hollywood Pictures, the company responsible for PRIMEVAL, essentially swapped the release of this film with their movie THE INVISIBLE (now in the April 13th slot), Fangoria claims to have the real scoop behind the last minute change, which you can read about HERE if you're interested.

Anyway, you'll notice that the new commercials for PRIMEVAL keep up the campaign that this is a real-life serial killer movie, mentioning the likes of Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac Killer, never identifying the movie's killer as what it is: a giant crocodile (the victims are also targeted by an African warlord but the croc is definitely the "Jack the Ripper" in question). It's possible, for a split second, to mistake this for kinda clever marketing until you realize that it's retarded. But wait a minute, you're probably saying, remember how effective it was when THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS was billed as a lion-rific spin on BONNIE AND CLYDE? To that I remind you that no such thing ever happened and, if it had, it too would have been retarded. In case you missed the first link, check out the PRIMEVAL spots HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Read more about Gustave, the real killer croc, HERE.



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