Prince of Persia delay

Not content to let one of their potential blockbusters get crushed by giant, transforming robots, Disney has decided to push PRINCE OF PERSIA back a full year to Memorial Day 2010. The movie was originally scheduled for release on June 19, 2009, one week before TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN would unleash its LaBeoufness on the world. The on-the-record reason for pushing PERSIA back was to "allow plenty of time for post-production" and an "extra cushion" in case of SAG delays. (I've heard car salesman with better bullshit lines than that.) Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer feel they could have a PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN success with PERSIA and want to make sure it's the idea conditions for a release. Strangely their new date still puts them in one week's proximity to another franchise juggernaut - SHREK GOES FOURTH. PERSIA, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Alfred Molina and Gemma Arterton, just began filming this week in Morocco.

Extra Tidbit: Check out Jake's new look for the movie.
Source: Variety



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