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P&F poster

I'm more and more thrilled to see Disney returning to classic animation the way they used to make 'em, song & dance and all. I doubt this one will compete with Pixar's CG behemoths, but it's a welcome return to the look and feel of films like ALADDIN and THE LITTLE MERMAID, whose directors John Musker & Ron Clements made this one as well.

Disney thus offers a better glimpse at THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG with a new full theatrical trailer that just makes this thing look gorgeous, charming and funny. The story takes a modern spin on the timeless Princess & Frog tale by setting it in Louisiana's French quarters, complete with alligators and Voodoo doctors.

Wide theatrical release is set for December 11th, but in the meantime the trailer is down there or in HD on Yahoo.

Extra Tidbit: That's apparently the 49th full-length animated feature from Disney. I have a soft spot for #27, OLIVER & COMPANY.
Source: Slash Film



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