Problems on the set of Scream 4?

When one actor leaves production of a movie right before it's ready to begin filming, it's strange but it's happened before so you don't think too much of it. When two actors separately leave production of a movie right before it's ready to begin filming, my Spidey sense immediately begins tingling. And that's exactly what happened with SCREAM 4.

First it was Lake Bell who had one of the leading roles in the film but dropped out last week due to "scheduling conflicts." Then it was Lauren Graham who left the film just days later. I was immediately suspicious that something was going on and sure enough if seems like those suspicions may be correct.

Zap2It is reporting that The Weinstein Co. has brought in Ehren Kruger to rewrite the script as they're filming and that original writer and producer Kevin Williamson (creator of the SCREAM franchise) has left the project entirely. It's those changes to the script that led to the departures of Bell and Graham and now it seems like Hayden Panetierre might have one foot out the door as well.

Paneitierre signed on to the film based on the strength of her character but now she reportedly feels like the film has been dumbed down. While the "Heroes" actress isn't leaving yet, she's allegedly "beyond frustrated" with the film. Whatever the case it, once again, sounds like trouble on the set of a Wes Crazen/Weinstein movie...

Extra Tidbit: Alison Brie signed on to star which can't be a bad thing...
Source: Zap2It



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