Prom Night trailer

I'll be honest - the PROM NIGHT script was one of the worst I've read in recent memory. It really was that bad. The new trailer, which premiered today at UGO, doesn't do much to convince me that the scripts problems were fixed during filming. If flashing and pulsing bright light scares you, then you're in business. Same goes for if you're scared by someone hearing a noise and going "So and so? Is that you?" You've got yourself a movie. Now keep in mind that though this is a proposed remake of 1980's PROM NIGHT, they have little in common other than a killer killing on prom night. Brittany Snow and some other kids I don't recognize star as the potential victims. Screen Gems has the film set for release on April 11th, just in time for, yup, prom night. Do yourselves a favor kids - watch SUPERBAD while you're getting ready for the prom. To watch the trailer for yourself, click here to head to UGO.

Extra Tidbit: The same people who bring you PROM NIGHT will bring you the STEPFATHER remake as well.
Source: UGO



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