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Prometheus trailer crash lands early!


UPDATE: HD online at Apple.

Another day, another big trailer. After THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and THE HOBBIT earlier this week, the first spot for PROMETHEUS has leaked out early, and we have a non-bootlegged version for you to enjoy below. It's not on iTunes yet as was promised, but it's a good copy, though we'll have a link to an HD variant once its online.

Even though Ridley Scott's classic ALIEN aliens might not be making an appearance, there's a definite connection to the past films that should be apparent as soon as you start watching.

There's no dialogue, and we see mostly short clips of action shots that show the crew in various stages of distress. It look pretty damn incredible to me, even in short bursts, and I can't wait for a longer look.

Extra Tidbit: I wouldn't even mind if the Aliens never showed up. This just looks awesome.
Source: JoBlo.com



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