PS. Trailer

It's weird to see Gerard Butler not yelling SPARTA or flexing, but here it is anyway. The trailer for PS. I LOVE YOU has hit the web and it's pretty much what you'd expect from a romantic comedy. Hillary Swank plays a woman whose husband dies prematurely, but has left her a bunch of directions to help her move on with her life. I don't know, if you like this kinda fruity movie about finding your way in life set to a rocking soundtrack, and your dream was to see Gerry Butler play a dude called Gerry with a terrible Irish accent then today is like Christmas for you. Also bringing it in this flick are Lisa Kudrow, Gena Gershon (who is looking fine), Kathy Bates, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Harry Connick Jr. Best news about this story? Yes, Hillary Swank does look fantastic in her bra.

Click HERE to check the trailer out.
Extra Tidbit: Butler is widely regarded as one of the nicest actors in Hollywood.
Source: MovieFone



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