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Punch for Browning


Zack Snyder didn't quite get his way for his psychedelic action flick SUCKER PUNCH -- HBO scratched actress Amanda Seyfriend off his wish list by refusing to give her a hall pass from "BIG LOVE" to star in the movie.

Fortunately he must have had a big pool of possibilities to pick from, as he's already found a suitable replacement in Emily Browning, the lovely young lass from LEMONY SNICKET and THE UNINVITED.

Browning will kick all kinds of crazy ass playing the lead character of Babydoll in Snyder's violent ALICE IN WONDERLAND-ish action-fantasy. She joins cutie companions Emma Stone, Vanessa Hudgens, Evan Rachel Wood and Abbie Cornish as insitutionalized patients who mentally escape together into an alternate reality where they steal mystical objects and conquer foes using their lethal grace and juicy lips.

Extra Tidbit: Browning was the spirit girl haunting GHOST SHIP, who narrowly missed bisection thanks to her small stature.
Source: EW



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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