Punch joins Earthbound

Looks like Lucy Punch will be assisting Kate Hudson through cancer.

Hudson doesn't actually have cancer, but she does in the upcoming EARTHBOUND. Nicole Kassell (THE WOODSMAN) is directing a screenplay written by Gren Wells which is about a woman (Hudson) who finds out she has cancer right before she meets a new guy. Punch joins the cast as the best friend/advertising agency co-worker. Does this sound like a Lifetime movie of the week? Well, sort of.

You may not know Punch now, but she is in a slew of upcoming projects: DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS, YOUNG AMERICANS, and Woody Allen's YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER. Personally, I know Ms. Punch as that bitch in ELLA ENCHANTED. The movie where Vivica Fox played an annoying fairy and Anne Hathaway gave her own version of Queen's "Somebody to Love". It was a cute little film if you like movies aimed at teenagers.

Hopefully this is a project that makes Hudson more interesting. I miss the girl from ALMOST FAMOUS. So much promise, but she decides to be in some of the most terrible movies ever seen. Whatever pays the rent on three homes, I guess. Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal also stars. Most likely as the dreamy guy.

Extra Tidbit: Punch reminds me a lot of Joanna Lumley from ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.
Source: THR



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