Punch with Schmucks

Lucy, I'm home...

Can't say I know much about Brit blond Lucy Punch, save for her cute name (and nose). But her latest gig indicates movement on the long-awaited DINNER WITH SCHMUCKS, and that's worth looking at. Her too, of course...

Punch will join Steve Carell and his Apatow-esque buddy Paul Rudd under FOCKERS handler Jay Roach, for the adaptation of Francis Veber's French play -and 1998 film- Le Dîner de Cons. Story follows a group of high society friends who gather once a month for a dinner where each invites the most clueless person they can find; whoever brings the worst wins the game. Rudd will be the unfortunate snob who invites Carell's surefire winner.

Having such solid names should bring good omen to the film, as traditionally U.S. remakes of Veber hit films tend to fall flat. PURE LUCK and THREE FUGITIVES, both with Martin short, are great examples.

Extra Tidbit: Wonder if Roach will bring along his buddy Mike Myers for a bit of a comeback, following the unfortunate LOVE GURU. Although Tarantino might've already helped with BASTERDS.



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