Punisher at War

The Punisher Fanboys the world over (at least those who follow the development of comics to feature films and the subsequent sequels that serve to essentially reboot the franchise a mere three years after the original failed somewhat miserably creatively but at least made enough box office bank to merit a sequel) were under the impression that the upcoming PUNISHER sequel would be subtitled WELCOME BACK, FRANK. However, the folks over at IGN recently took a peek at Lionsgate's publicity site and noticed that the film was named PUNISHER: WAR ZONE so unless the site's webmaster forgot to read a memo, we can assume the film's title has been changed. This time around, revenge-fueled Frank Castle, regenerated as former centurion Ray Stevenson, uses all his retributory rage to take down a boss of the criminal underworld in New York. No release date's scheduled as yet but one should be announced sometime soon.

Extra Tidbit: A Marvel comic book series running from 1992-95 was also named "War Zone".
Source: IGN



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