Punisher neutered?

The Punisher should be able one of the easiest comic book characters to adapt. He doesn't dress up like a bat, spider or grow into a giant green monster yet Batman, Spider-Man and The Hulk all have had considerable more success than Frank Castle. It's sad when a Dolph Lundgren led movie is the best of your franchise. Director Lexi Alexander wanted to change all that with PUNISHER: WAR ZONE and it looked as if she were on the right track until Lionsgate reportedly fired her from her duties as director. Now Latino Review is reporting that Lionsgate is working to trim down Alexander's footage to a PG-13 rating.

The Punisher uses guns and violently kills people. How can this be PG-13? But then again this is the same studio that dumped MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN to make room for DISASTER MOVIE and BANGKOK DANGEROUS. Awesome! One day someone will make an indie version of THE PUNISHER that will kick all kinds of ass and people will scratch their heads and go, "Now was that so hard?" Maybe if we all give Lionsgate a big BOO-URNS loud enough it'll start to sink in...

Extra Tidbit: How about Shia LaBeouf as Frank Castle? And he can have a CGI sidekick while he's at it.
Source: Latino Review



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