Punisher vs. Paddy?

UPDATE: It looks like the offer to Considine has been retracted, as Lionsgate/Marvel's first choice for Jigsaw has changed their mind and accepted the part. Now we just need to hear who that is... Too bad, I would've liked to see Considine playing an all-out psycho.

The next PUNISHER movie is getting a new Frank Castle (ROME's Ray Stevenson), a new director (GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS' Lexi Alexander), a new locale (New York's mean streets) and a new villain (Jigsaw).

And Brit actor Paddy Considine is reportedly in the sights for the part of Punisher's new nemesis, a scar-faced crimelord who tries to build an army of thugs to deal with the skull-shirted vigilante. It seems that Considine, last seen briefly bolting through THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM, has been offered the adversarial role and is currently considering.

The Marvel movie (not really a sequel) gets rolling in November, so if Considine opts out, a new baddie will need to be found fairly quickly. Considine was also recently seen sporting fine facial fur in HOT FUZZ and distributing brutal vengeance in DEAD MAN'S SHOES.
Extra Tidbit: Considine's name was once supposedly in the mix for Rorschach in WATCHMEN.
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