Purefoy hates Valentine's

I will always have an appreciation for James Purefoy. Firstly, he's British, and secondly (and more importantly), he's the guy that frees young William Thatcher in A KNIGHT'S TALE. And I love that movie. Now though, Purefoy has changed things a bit and taken the lead role in I HATE VALENTINE'S DAY for Nick Hurran (LITTLE BLACK BOOK).

The film will follow a commitment-phobic woman (not Purefoy) who closely adheres to a set of dating rules, but finds them put to the test when she falls for a British guy (Purefoy) who dumps her. Now, I'll be honest, this isn't really the kind of movie that revs my engine, but I'm determined to put a positive spin on this because the guy freed William Thatcher!

Purefoy has something of a penchant for the period piece, as on top of A KNIGHT'S TALE, he's been involved in the TV series ROME, playing Mark Antony, and he also had a role in VANITY FAIR opposite Reese Witherspoon.
Extra Tidbit: Purefoy was originally to play V in V FOR VENDETTA, but left the movie part of the way through shooting.



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