Purefoy packs a long sword in 'Ironclad'

James Purefoy is nice and bloody.

Empire got an exclusive photo from the film IRONCLAD starring Purefoy, Paul Giamatti, Robert Carlyle, Kate Mara, Bob Hoskins, Richard Attenborough, and Brian Cox.

The plot of the film takes place in the 13th century, centering around a group of Knights Templar who are defending Rochester Castle against the tyrannical King John (Giamatti). Anytime Giamatti wants to play a villain, I'm there. We haven't gotten a lot of news from this project, so it's great to see this first still.

I've been a fan of Purefoy's ever since A KNIGHT'S TALE. While doing signings for SOLOMON KANE at Comic-Con last year, he was one of the nicest guys. I just don't want to cross him when he's carrying that sword. Scary. Click on the pic to see his sword's full-length over at Empire.

Extra Tidbit: According to IMDB, Purefoy was cast as the lead in V FOR VENDETTA but departed halfway over creative differences with the makers of the film.
Source: Empire



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