Puss in Boots deets

We reported quite a while ago that a PUSS IN BOOTS origin film was in development. It appears that everyone involved still thinks it's a good idea so things continue to roll on. Moviehole caught up with writer David H.Steinberg, and asked him whether any of the characters from SHREK would make appearances. To which, he responded:

“No, all new characters - except Puss... It doesn’t overlap with Shrek at all. Partly that was done to tell an original Puss story, but partly because we didn’t know what Shrek 4 (and now Shrek 5) were going to do with the characters and we couldn’t write conflicting storylines.’’

Well thank god he cleared that up. Because I swear, I have had trouble sleeping. Was there a chance that Donkey and Puss in Boots had crossed paths in the past? Maybe Puss and Fiona's father? Wow. The weight that has been lifted. It's like I'm floating. I might actually get high enough to see the price of oil, am I right? Hah, hah, I know, that joke was killer. One might be tempted to refer to me as a young Leno.
Extra Tidbit: Banderas used to play football (soccer) before he broke his foot at 14.
Source: Moviehole



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