Puss in Boots movie

I'm kind of indifferent towards the whole SHREK thing, so see how you feel about this news. Apparently, Antonio Banderas has signed on for a spin-off movie, featuring his character, Puss in Boots. Banderas just has such an awesome life. He spent his younger days playing a sexy latin lover in pretty much every film he was in, getting paid to hook up with everyone from Catherine Zeta-Jones to Angelina Jolie, and now he gets to pick up a dynamite pay-cheque for providing a voice to a CGI character. All he needs now is his own robot and his life is complete.

He tells the Daily Express that "The movie is going to show his back history, from being born a kitten to the swaggering cat that he is today... I've seen the scripts and they're very emotional, as well as very funny, and that's a combination that I think the audiences will like." I'm almost 100% certain that the audience won't include me.
Extra Tidbit: Banderas will be happy that Real Madrid won the Spanish La Liga recently, since he's a big fan.
Source: Digital Spy



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