QT found his girl?

Has Quentin Tarantino cast the one last major unoccupied role in his WWII epic INGLORIOUS BASTARDS? Dark Horizons is reporting that Tarantino has cast Melanie Laurent, who you might remember from...well, nothing (unless, of course, you're a student of French cinema). Laurent would play Shoshana Dreyfus, a young Jewish women who flees to Paris where she runs a movie theater. With Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz set as Aldo Raine and Hans Landa, Dreyfus was the last significant role to be cast. It's probably the most pivotal in the movie, hence Tarantino taking his time to find the right actress. With the film pretty much all cast up (Eli Roth, Mike Myers, Samm Levine, Diane Kruger and BJ Novak also co-star), production is set to begin on October 13 in Germany. No release date has been set for the Universal/Weinstein film but Tarantino announced that he expects to bring the film to next year's Cannes Film Festival.

Extra Tidbit: Laurent's father revoices many of "The Simpsons" characters for France including Ned Flanders.
Source: D. Horizons



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