QT on more Basterds

While Quentin Tarantino is notorious for discussing plans and then executing those plans excruciatingly slowly (if ever), he was apparently serious when he mentioned the possibility of more missions for some or all of his INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS.

But not next. As he tells Vulture, he's already got 40 pages of a BASTERDS prequel written. And though they say he's "not giving up on the idea or the script, especially if the original film does well at the awards shows," he's got another secret project to tackle first, something only described as "smaller, less epic" and in a "different genre entirely."

This would jibe with what he said a few months ago - that he was "wide open" to his next project but was considering a "re-imagining" of another genre, like a Western or a "Pretty Boy Floyd" type gangster movie. And then there's the proposed third KILL BILL volume, although that would surely not be a "smaller" movie.

Wonder when we'll actually get... anything?

Extra Tidbit: The German who got his noggin cracked open by "The Bear Jew" in BASTERDS played a badass elite cop in the French actioner THE NEST (aka NID DE GUEPES), one of my fave flicks from the past decade.
Source: Vulture



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