QT talks Inglorious

Quentin Tarantino recently accepted an award at the Provincetown Film Festival, and publicly proclaimed his relief that his script for the WWII action flick INGLORIOUS BASTARDS (not actually a remake of the junky 1978 flick) is finally done.

I can't decide what's more bizarre about the BBC's coverage of the event (which is strange in itself -- a film festival, honoring Tarantino, in a tiny and extremely gay town at the very tip of Cape Cod): the photos accompanying their article or the fact that Tarantino's quotes seem like they were written in a foreign language and then changed back to English through a translation program.

From what I can tell, Tarantino is surprised that anyone has heard of this project he's been talking about for nearly a decade; he's going into pre-production without any cast in place; he set out to make a DIRTY DOZEN type of movie that's nothing like DIRTY DOZEN; and he plans to make a WWII movie that is "current" and "modern".

I dunno, you can read the article RIGHT HERE and try to figure it out for yourself. I'm kind of exhausted from QT's endless discussion of planned projects, just let me know when the trailer hits.
Extra Tidbit: Original INGLORIOUS BASTARDS director Enzo Castellari made a series of TV movies about a chunky detective named Extralarge.
Source: BBC



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