QT's Basterds bits

Quentin Tarantino's INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS is about to riddle Nazis with hot lead, but JoBlo regular Quentin (coincidence) recently got an opportunity not only to see an advance screening (at the phenomenal Alamo Drafthouse in Austin), but to hang out with the filmmaker himself for chow, brew and a Q&A.

Quentin (ours) wrote a detailed account of his experience on his blog at JoBlo's just-launched networking site MovieFan Central, and while there are some spoilers to be found there, a few other "safe" and interesting bites of info from QT:

- BASTERDS was supposedly almost a 12-part HBO series, but filmmaker Luc Besson (THE PROFESSIONAL) convinced Tarantino to make a film.

- Tarantino wrote the first two "chapters" of the movie 10 years ago, and the rest in the past year or two when he really blasted through the script.

- Filmmaker Tom Tykwer (RUN LOLA RUN, THE INTERNATIONAL) handled the German dialogue translation for Tarantino.

- Eli Roth's bat-swinging character Donny Donowitz is the father of TRUE ROMANCE's Hollywood producer Lee Donowitz (played by Saul Rubinek), the mastermind behind COMING HOME IN A BODYBAG.

Check out plenty of other juicy details over HERE!

Extra Tidbit: If you're not familiar with Tarantino's MBFB, here ya go.
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