Quaid, Foster, space

Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster are in final negotiations to star in PANDORUM, a sci-fi action film. The story centers on mysterious events aboard an abandoned space craft, with Quaid and Foster as crewmen who must discover what's happened to them and to the planet they're orbiting. German helmer Christian Alvart (CASE 39) is directing from a script he wrote with Travis Milloy (JUST LIKE MONA).

Sounds like SOLARIS to me, no? I guess Foster has been a small-town lunatic, a psychotic neo-nazi, a crazy cowboy, and a psychopath vampire-wannabe, so it would only make sense that he go to space and be crazy too. Of course there's no confirmation that his character will be mentally deranged in this, but I just assume it; hiring him and having him play sane would be like hiring a hooker to cook your dinner. Up next, I've heard Foster will play a crazy submarine commander, and then an insane Triceratops detective.
Extra Tidbit: I have a fantasy that when Meg Ryan divorced Quaid, Al Pacino barged into the room and yelled at her "YOU DON'T CUT A MAN LIKE CAP ROONEY!!!"



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