Quantum of updates

Olga Kurylenko While the currently filming QUANTUM OF SOLACE remains the most frustratingly perplexing James Bond film title to date, we'll leave that aside for now and focus on some updates on the film.

First off, you lucky Brits will be seeing a brooding Daniel Craig bump uglies with the right and bottom pictured Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton, respectively, a whole week in advance as the film will premiere in the UK on October 31st (our man James must be doing back flips right now!). What's more, France, Belgium and the Netherlands will also be getting their Bond ahead of the US release of November 7th. Go Europe!

In related news, Yahoo recently posted a second video diary from the set of SOLACE, this one focusing on the locales that Bond's quest for revenge takes him. Check it out HERE or by clicking on Arterton's seductive stare below. As mentioned, Bond's measured consolation is revealed on November 7th.

Gemma Arterton

Extra Tidbit: Olga was offered a job as a model at age 13 at a train station in Moscow. Whoa, that could've gone a whole other way.
Source: VarietyYahoo Movies



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