Quarantine 2 gets a writer, director and a diverging path from Rec

QUARANTINE was a troubling film to me, as even though it was essentially a shot by shot, line by line remake of its Spanish predecessor, REC, it somehow managed to end up being a lot worse.

Well, it appears someone thought something similar, as QUARANTINE 2 is splitting from REC 2, which takes place mere moments after REC in the same building. The American sequel is taking the action elsewhere, specifically to an airport.

Shock Till You Drop is reporting that the project has found a writer/director in the form of John Pogue, most famous for his scripts for the SKULLS series, who won a pitch contest over at Screen Gems to earn the job.

I think a different direction is definitely the way to go for QUARANTINE here as there’s nothing quite as embarrassing as trying to copy a movie scene by scene but in English and having it fail. I heard REC 2 was quite good, but as proven by the original, that does not mean a literal Americanized translation will do it justice. In this new scenario, I can see a dark, zombie infested, sealed off airport being quite the spooky place, and I’m curious to see if this manages to shape up to be anything worthwhile.

Extra Tidbit: It’s a toss up whether this thing ends up theatrical or straight-to-DVD.



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