Quentin Tarantino and Lady Gaga make a movie?

As demonstrated in the video for the tune "Telephone", pop empress Lady Gaga and Quentin Tarantino have a connection: the Pussy Wagon from KILL BILL. Are there more collaborations in their future?

According to MTV UK, Tarantino wants to work with Gaga on a film, with the outlandish singer potentially playing a professional killer. According to "a source close to Tarantino", the excitable filmmaker "is a huge fan of GaGa and loves her whole personality. He has already sounded her out on a couple of projects, one of which would see her playing an assassin."

Gaga is clearly a talented song and stage performer, but would that translate to a film role? And a better question: would we even recognize her? Between all the loopy costumes, wigs and war paint, I'm not entirely sure what she actually looks like.

And while we know Tarantino always casts whoever the hell he wants (Travolta, Pam Grier, Eli Roth, Sonny Chiba), we can probably press the moot button on this rumor for now, since he hasn't even officially or unofficially announced his next project. Unless... maybe he's further along on KILL BILL vol. 3 than he's letting on?

Extra Tidbit: Let's just hope QT isn't also a huge fan of "Jersey Shore".
Source: MTV UK



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