Quentin Tarantino will feel the heat at a Friars Club Roast

If you've ever seen a celebrity roast, you know that the "guest of honor" will be peppered by good-natured but accurate barbs from a gathering of celebrity acquaintances.

So regardless of whether you're a fan or a hater of filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and his works, you'll be interested in seeing him as a magnet for an endless salvo of snide remarks. QT will bravely plant his butt in the hot-seat for the 2010 Friars Club Roast, taking place at the New York Hilton on Friday, October 1st.

Samuel L. Jackson acts as "Roastmaster," and guests include Pam Grier, Neve Campbell, Michael Madsen, Eli Roth, Patricia Arquette, Rob Schneider, Uma Thurman, Bob & Harvey Weinstein, Sarah Silverman, Bo Svenson, Rosario Dawson, Michelle Rodriguez and, for no good reason, Kathy Griffin.

Jackson says: "I'm excited Quentin asked me to be the Roastmaster at his Friars Club Roast. Having known Quentin as long as I have now, there are many stories I've kept tucked away for a moment like this. I'm not so sure he won't regret asking me once the afternoon is over!"

Extra Tidbit: Since this Roast will undoubtedly be filled with profanity and off-color humor, let's hope footage gets aired or released unedited at some point.
Source: PR Newswire



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