Quinto as Spock!

Since we’re all in a tizzy over J.J. Abrams’ new STAR TREK movie, I suppose it’s only fitting that I share with you all the first photos of Zachary Quinto as a young Mr. Spock. You can tell by the blurriness that this is an official shot released by the studio, and not taken by some random hiding in the bushes. Or maybe it’s the other way around, I don’t know. I’m pretty f*cked right now. Either way, there’s no denying that Quinto certainly looks the part, and really, he’s about the only character in the cast that needs to have some resemblance to the original. The folks over at IESB.net are also showing another picture, as well as hosting a video that to me is pretty boring, but that some of the more hardcore trekkies out there might enjoy. Apparently it shows a chapel of sorts that may or may not be on the planet Vulcan, or as others have put it, a courtroom where Spock may or may not be on trial. You can check it out HERE. Oh yeah, and for a bunch more photos of Quinto in the best Halloween costume ever, head click the pic BELOW.

Extra Tidbit: Abrams is making the actors wear hoods and trench coats to hide the crew's costumes.



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