Quinto as Spock done?

Zachary Quinto will be on hand at this weekend's Comic-Con as part of the "Heroes" panel. JJ Abrams will be on hand at this weekend's Comic-Con to discuss STAR TREK. Don't be surprised if you see the two of these guys standing together at one point shaking hands and smiling at the cheering audience at Hall H. E! Online is reporting that a deal to have Quinto starring as Spock in Abrams' STAR TREK is "about to close." Further digging on their part confirmed the early word and another reporter checked in to say that Quinto's contract is currently being approved by Paramount's business affairs division. It's been one of those so-perfect-casting-decisions-it's-almost-a-forgone-conclusion that we all kinda knew this would happen eventually but I didn't think it'd get done in time for the Con. Now if Quinto comes marching out with Matt Damon then we've got a pretty insane Comic-Con crowd. Stay tuned for more on STAR TREK and all the Comic-Con goings-on as I'll be updating live with any breaking news from the floor of Hall H throughout the proceedings.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder what the best possible Scrabble score is for "Zachary Quinto?"
Source: E! Online



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