Quinto's next

While other STAR TREK actors like Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana have been jumping all over new projects since their film became the smash hit of 2009, Zachary Quinto has remained above the fray, and is taking his sweet time to choose his next project so he doesn’t start being typecast as…a Vulcan? A telekinetic psychopath? I’m not sure exactly.

But THR reports that he’s now looking at a film called WHIRLIGIG, a Canadian indie set to shoot in 2010. In the film Quinto would play a MILF hunter man that tries to seduce an older woman, only to end up befriending her adopted son. Awkwaaard.

Well, it certainly sounds, different. And it’s not exactly a Chris Pine/Jack Ryan type casting call. I predict once “Heroes” wraps up for good (it CAN’T be renewed after this season), we’ll start seeing Quinto branch out into other projects that might actually make it to a theater near you.

Extra Tidbit: When written correctly, he's the feeding tube that keeps "Heroes" alive. But it's time to pull that plug.
Source: THR



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