R-rated Alba trailer!

I wanted to title this piece 'R-rated Chuck trailer', but I figured, come on, having 'R-rated' and 'Alba' in the same sentence is gonna get people clicking a hell of a lot more. This article is of course, referring to the R-rated or 'red band' trailer for the Jessica Alba flick GOOD LUCK CHUCK. You might remember it as the one where Alba erases how weird she looked in RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER and then Dane Cook appears and erases all the times you saw him do stand-up and thought he was funny. This dude is having so much troubling porting his funnies from stand-up to feature film. But I like the guy, EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH didn't kill me, and I credit him for that.

GOOD LUCK CHUCK is about a guy (Cook) who finds that he is always the last boyfriend a broad has before she finds the man of her dreams. When he finds the girl of his (and probably most of your) dreams (Alba), he does everything he can to avoid taking their relationship to the next level for fear of losing her. I think the red band trailer for KNOCKED UP is vastly superior to the regular one, so click HERE to see if the same holds true for CHUCK!
Extra Tidbit: Do any of you out there realistically believe that you could continuously turn down Jessica Alba? And people say the premise of TRANSFORMERS is ridiculous...
Source: /Film



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