R rated B. Hills Cop

We have a real treat for you today: the lesser-seen positive-Brett-Ratner-related-movie-news. Turns out, those rumors that his BEVERLY HILLS COP 4 would be going PG-13 are probably false. When LatinoReview spoke to him recently he had the following to say:

"Dont believe everything you read on the internet. Believe me, this is going to be a hard core 'R' Beverly Hills Cop. I start shooting next year"

I'm not gonna go so far as to expect a 'hardcore' movie outta this guy, but I will now at least hope that it isn't some nerfed studio movie where Eddie Murphy runs around calling the bad guys "jerks" or whatever people do in PG-13 movies. Murphy was pretty much born to curse people out. Just like Achilles was born to end lives, and I was born to be wild.
Extra Tidbit: I can't be the only one who is physically hurt when Murphy makes shit like NORBIT, because I remember the time I used to worship him, can I?
Source: LatinoReview



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