R-rated Wanted trailer

A new trailer for the upcoming WANTED has hit the webs. It's in Russian, but it's definitely worth a watch anyway. You can check it out over HERE. The film tells the story of an apathetic nobody (James McAvoy) who is recruited by his late father's organization to be an assassin. Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman co-star and Timur Bekmambetov (NIGHT WATCH) directs.

On a day when I finally saw footage from a film I might actually be more excited about than THE DARK KNIGHT, I didn't expect to be impressed by anything again today. But this trailer is pretty great. I mean it has pretty much everything: hot chicks, sports cars, explosions, assassins, meat cleavers, sniper rifles, keyboard violence - how could this thing not be awesome? The only things missing are lesbian cheerleaders, Lo-Pan and a cyborg army, but I'm presuming they were just left out of promotional material. I mean, you gotta save something for the movie.
Extra Tidbit: Konstantin Khabensky, star of Bekmambetov's NIGHT WATCH played "The Exterminator" in WANTED.
Source: Filmz.ru



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