Racer vs. 300?

Speed Racer A scooper for AICN recently alerted them to two new developments in the SPEED RACER adaptation the Wachowski Bros. are, for reasons they've yet to mention (which is, of course, typical Wachowski style), currently developing. First off, it appears the Wachowski's have chosen not to collaborate with Bill Pope, who's been their DP since their breakout film BOUND. They've instead chosen to work with David Tattersall, a veteran DP who's worked on the STAR WARS prequels and most recently the Nicolas Cage-starring sci fi thriller NEXT. What's even more interesting is that they apparently plan on shooting RACER all green screen, 300 and SIN CITY-style. Does that mean that it'll have a similar stylistic flair? Probably. If this is the way they're headed, maybe they've got something pretty damn interesting up their sleeve; which, again, would be typical Wachowski style.

Extra Tidbit: The specialized functionality of Speed Racer's car, The Mach Five, was unleashed through seven buttons - A to G - on the steering wheel.
Source: AICN



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