Rachel Bilson Forever

Rachel Bilson is hot. That much is a fact. Sadly she's been stuck in some sub-par material (i.e. "The OC") so I haven't had much opportunity to enjoy her, um, assets. But Bilson has been set to star in the indie romance flick WAITING FOR FOREVER. She'll star as a young TV actress whose boyfriend gives up his job and decides to spend the rest of his life living with her. The film will be directed by James Keach, who will also produce. No word on whether Stacy Keach will make an appearance (I was joking but after a quick Google search it turns out James actually is the son of Stacy Keach). Bilson last starred in JUMPER (where she was a last minute replacement for Teresa Palmer) and recently wrapped filming on one of the segment of the upcoming anthology NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU. Bilson had a short run on the NBC series "Chuck" but is not expected to reprise the role anytime this year. Filming on WAITING is scheduled to begin later this month in Salt Lake City (perfect replacement for Hollywood).

Extra Tidbit: Bilson is the daughter of a sex therapist.
Source: Variety



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