Rachel McAdams joins Woody Allen's next

Just a day after news broke that Marion Cotillard had signed on to star alongside Owen Wilson in Woody Allen's next film comes news that Rachel McAdams has also joined the cast. As usual, nothing is known about the movie including the title but in a JoBlo.com exclusive, I can report that whatever it's about I'm sure I won't like it. (It's been a loooong time since I've enjoyed a Woody Allen movie. Apologies. JoBlo is a huge Woody fan so things balance out well.)

The move reteams McAdams and Wilson who co-starred in WEDDING CRASHERS, the movie that launched the former into a new strata of stardom. McAdams is a busy little bee this year with a role in Terrence Malick's next film, this Woody Allen movie and SHERLOCK HOLMES 2, which Warner Bros. is hoping to get moving this year. She's also got the Harrison Ford romantic comedy MORNING GLORY set for release in October.

Woody is planning on getting filming underway on this mysterious project this summer in France. And while I say it's mysterious, take that to mean that we don't know anything about it as it shouldn't necessarily imply anything intriguing about the project (remember, that Jason Biggs/Christina Ricci film was at one time a "mysterious Woody Allen project").

Extra Tidbit: I appreciate her transition into dramatic acting but McAdams is so much better at comedy.
Source: THR



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