Rachel Weisz might be James Bond's next villain?

The good folks at Cinema Blend are cautiously reporting on some info from one of their most reliable sources that Rachel Weisz is in talks to get onboard BOND 23. Weisz is friends with Daniel Craig (they just filmed a movie called DREAM HOUSE together) and she’s had a personal relationship with director Sam Mendes in the past, so it all seems fairly logical.

But rather than just being another Bond Girl alongside Denise "Christmas comes once a year" Richards and the hot mom from That 70s Show, Weisz is reportedly talking about being the main baddie of the film, the head honcho of Quantum, the shadowy organization behind all the nefarious deeds of the last two movies that I still don't fully understand. I would welcome someone other than an old white dude to be the CEO of evil for a change, and Weisz would certainly make a good go of it.

But all this talk hinges on MGM getting their shit together, as all their big name projects like BOND and THE HOBBIT are on hold until the company gets sold. I have no doubt we’ll see BOND 23 someday, but it’s probably going to be quite a while. In the meantime, enjoy imagining what Rachel Weisz in a dominating position of authority might look like.

Extra Tidbit: Remember the good 'ol "Rachel Weisz to be Catwoman" days?
Source: Cinema Blend



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