Raiders of the Crystal Skull?

Representatives for Steven Spielberg confirmed last night that the production offices of INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL were robbed of computers, photographs and other "proprietary information." The spokesperson confirmed the theft but would offer up no details. Luckily IESB has some of those details including what exactly was taken. Reportedly 2,000 production stills, a complete budget breakdown and the current shooting script were among the things procured by the thief during the robbery. Said robber allegedly sent an e-mail to a number of online outlets looking to sell the material. TMZ initiated contact with the person and even went as far as to promote the scoop on their daytime TV show says IESB. That didn't last long as Paramount's lawyers and law enforcement officials intervened and stopped the release of the information. A sting was then sent up with an online reporter who met the suspect at a hotel to exchange the goods for cash. That's when the long arm of the law jumped in to nab the robber (who was only asking $2,000...). That was a pretty close call for Spielberg and the INDY 4 crew as these details could've spoiled the entire movie and spread across the web like wildfire if they were released for even minutes. The lesson, as always: don't f*ck with Spielberg.

Extra Tidbit: Francis Ford Coppola also recently had a break-in at his offices.
Source: VarietyIESB



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