Raimi and Disney?

Sam Raimi is leaving behind the Ghost House horror productions for just a short while to head over to more family friendly fare at Disney.  Raimi, currently in post-production on a movie where an old lady vomits worms on a young girl's face, will work with Disney on THE TRANSPLANTS, a comedic superhero movie.  Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson (NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE) wrote the script for the film, a concept they originally intended for a comic book.  But Disney liked the idea and quickly snatched it up.  So yet another stab at a superhero comedy.  There've been a lot of noble attempts to merge these two genres but really has one worked yet?  Remember back when Fox was developing FANTASTIC FOUR as a straight-forward comedy (instead of the unintentional comedy it wound up being)?  It'll also be interesting to see how Disney gets into the superhero genre after being left primarily out in the cold while their fellow studios reap all those rewards (and yes, I remember SKY HIGH but I don't think that was the franchise Disney was looking for).  Epstein and Jacobsen haven't begun working on the script yet but considering the amount of cash the studio plunked down, expect them to get to work posthaste.

Extra Tidbit: Epstein and Jacobsen wrote the script for the REVENGE OF THE NERDS remake that never happened.



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