Raimi casts Shadow

My feelings are that a movie should only be remade if the original had a great premise but flawed execution. I mean (and I'm beating a dead horse here but) why remake a movie like PSYCHO? What good could possibly come of it? So it's with that thinking in mind that I give this next movie an official Mike Sampson's JoBlo Seal of Approval®. Columbia and Sam Raimi have acquired the rights to the pulp superhero character The Shadow for an upcoming movie. The character, as you'd like to forgot, was adapted for the big-screen in 1994 starring Alec Baldwin. That a SHADOW movie got made before a X-MEN or SPIDER-MAN one is still beyond me but the early-90s saw some inexplicable renaissance of golden age heroes (see: DICK TRACY and THE ROCKETEER). So no Alec Baldwin this time around and Raimi will try to reinvent the franchise that inspired some of his work (DARKMAN) and others (Wachowskis, Burton, etc.). Right now Raimi is not attached to direct, just produce, but that could of course change is Columbia were anxious to keep him around after SPIDER-MAN 3 (a fourth installment is a possibility but unlikely).



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