Raimi has Panic attack

A note to all you directors posting your short films online: keep it up and you just might get a seven-figure deal from Sam Raimi. Fede Alvarez posted his $500 short film ATAQUE DE PANICO! (PANIC ATTACK) earlier this month on YouTube and wound up getting quite a bit of notice after Kanye West posted the video on his site. Suddenly he was taking meetings all over Hollywood and signed a deal with David Fincher's Anonymous Content. Shortly thereafter, he met with Raimi and his Ghost House Productions team who signed him to lucrative deal to direct a new film based on an idea Alvarez pitched.

For now Alvarez will receive a six-figure holding deal while Raimi and his crew hire a screenwriter to flesh out the pitch, about an alien invasion, into a production-ready script. Raimi will produce the film and while Ghost House has a first look deal with Sony Pictures, it's unclear where the film will wind up.

I've included Alvarez's original short below so you can get a sample of his skills. Certainly looks like it cost a lot more than $500. Pretty impressive stuff, eh?

Extra Tidbit: Alvarez is already being called the "next Neil Blomkamp."
Source: Variety



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